Canada Episode 2 | Autumn Vocabulary (ESL)| 秋の英単語 | 英語で学ぶカナダ2 | 子ども英会話

Canada Episode 2 | Autumn Vocabulary (ESL)| 秋の英単語 | 英語で学ぶカナダ2 | 子ども英会話

With the Corona Virus, we decided to cancel our plan for our Halloween Party this year. So to make up for it. We decided to make a Halloween FUNBOX that is personalized with their name and characters that we thought suited the children’s personality. Hence the delay in uploading our videos this month.

In this episode, we are learning about Autumn. In class, we learned the vocabs but more importantly, we used these vocabs to learn about the world around us. We went on a scavenger hunt to look for these things around our neighborhood. Just learning vocabs is not as important as using them in our everyday lives to communicate with one another. How many of these vocabularies did you know?

Have fun with your children by going out to the park and searching for these different things. You can make acorn necklaces, autumn leaf paintings and so much more.

For more activities we did in class:

このエピソードではカナダの国旗のMaple leafにちなんで、日本の秋に見つけられるものの英語をいくつか見ていきましょう。